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Cylindrical pole - buried / with plate

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Product Details

  • Poles made of 70 micron hot-dip galvanised EN10025- S235JR or EN10025-S355JR steel in compliance with the UNI EN ISO 1461 (EN40-5) standard.
  • The poles are subjected to a hot-dip galvanisation process followed by a pre-treatment for removing organic contaminants.
  • A chemical treatment is then applied to create the correct level of adhesion for the next phase of powder coating followed by a phase of polymerisation in a ventilated oven to ensure the curing process for the paint film is complete.
  • The treatment and painting cycle guarantees a C4-H durability class in compliance with the UNI EN ISO 12944 standard.
  • Treatment and paint cycles with a durability class of C5-H are available on request.
  • Cylindrical shape with a diameter of - Ø60 - 76 - 102 - 120mm
  • In the upper part of the poles (codes: 1542-1543) there are six pass-through holes and stainless steel threaded inserts to allow the arm to be fixed with a tie-rod (for Lavinia, Platea Pro, Wow and Street systems).
  • In poles (codes: 1274-1287-1289-1291-1292) for MultiWoody and MultiPro system applications there are six or eight pass-through holes with a closure stopper for passing through cables.
  • The buried poles are fitted with a slot for feeding in cables (150x50mm or 62x42mm according to the height of the pole).
  • Counterplate and anchoring bolts need to be ordered separately
  • Class II terminal block with single or double fuse holder, four poles with three connections each; and 6 to 16 mm2 input and 2.5 mm2 output cables to be ordered separately (codes 1862 - 1863 - 1864 - 1865).
  • Terminal blocks code 1862-1864-1865 are IP43 | IK08; terminal blocks code 1863 is IP44 | IK08.
  • Poles with an IP54 “patch” access cover (132x38mm and 186x45mm) are earthed outside the base of the pole.
  • Poles with an IP44 flush access cover (310x95mm) are earthed inside.

Colours available for Cylindrical pole - buried / with plate

  • 15 Grey

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