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Isola | Floating Comfort Isola translates the concept of lightweight and elegance into light. A discrete aura emission creates a floating effect in space. Three extremely compact circular shapes with diameters of 590 mm, 870 mm and 1150 mm share a soft and all-embracing design. Two optics are available, general lighting with an opal methacrylate diffuser screen, and controlled luminance with a micro-prismatic diffuser screen that ensures high luminous efficiency and perfect luminance control at UGR<19, with single and dual emission. Luminous flux values from 5770 to 22436 lumen system. Tunable white versions and high colour rendering. Pendant, recessed and surface installation. Light beyond light: Isola becomes an intelligence-of-light tool.

Intelligence of Light

An appliance is smart when it contributes to the overall well-being of people through simple, intuitive use and a universal language. Isola is smart because it integrates the BLE-Dali 4 interface which, by converting the Dali signal into the Bluetooth Low Energy standard, allows management of all illumination functions, even Tunable White, directly from your smartphone using through an App. The same interface also activates a beacon which can be used possible to transmit text and/or audio-visual signals from each device useful for creating a multisensory experience. Space management and Indoor positioning are other smart services that can always be activated via Bluetooth. Isola converts light into value.

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The Light that creates well-being

Tunable White technology regains the dynamics of white light, i.e. the temperature variation from 2700K to 6500K, while maintaining lighting intensity. Indoors and outdoors alike, variable artificial light is a natural addition to our psycho-physiological well-being.

Isola - tunable white - iol