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iGuzzini in the ENLIGHTENme Board of Lighting Companies

The key companies in the sector join together to identify policies for efficient, high-quality lighting

Inadequate light exposure can influence people’s circadian rhythms and negatively affect their health and well-being. ENLIGHTENme is a 4-year long research project established to study these effects in depth, identify lighting strategies that combat them and draw up and promote guidelines for creating high quality, efficient lighting to make our towns and cities more liveable.

To achieve this, ENLIGHTENme - that involves 22 partners from 10 different countries - has incorporated in its Board of Lighting Companies, led by Gate 21, the 14 key players in the lighting sector. This includes iGuzzini, a company that has always been committed to the development of innovative solutions to help improve the well-being of people and communities by enhancing architecture and urban spaces and safeguarding the environment. iGuzzini - represented by Laura Cinquarla, Product Communication Manager - will actively put its technological and design knowhow and experience at the service of three in-depth studies that are being conducted in “urban lighting laboratories” in Bologna, Amsterdam and Tartu. These laboratories have been specifically set up to involve citizens and local authorities in the co-design and assessment of effective lighting policies.

To find out more about ENLIGHTENme, click here.

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