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Organic Response

All Wireless DALI

Organic Response is a wireless lighting control system that uses IR, BLE and Wirepas
technologies, at various levels (from plug & play to cloud connections).

Plug and Play
The sensors can be installed in stand alone mode and/or integrated in the luminaire, allowing the light to be automatically adjusted according to presence. No programming is required.

Programming and checking via Bluetooth
A dedicated App allows system operation to be customised in a highly intuitive way. This permits luminaires to be adjusted according to natural light levels and wireless buttons to be configured in order to recall customised scenarios.

Download Organic Response Technology app
Monitoring platform
If a gateway is added to the set up, the system can be monitored remotely via web, and its engagement analysed through a detailed mapping process thanks to the capillary nature of the sensors. Moreover, thanks to APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) the Organic Response system can also be integrated in building management systems.
Integrated Beacons for Smart Services
The beacon embedded in the sensor, which can be configured from the app or Web Portal, can enable other additional services such as, for example, push notification through the Jiminy app or be used for indoor navigation/wayfinding through a dedicated app.

Download Jiminy App
Organic Response technology can be used to control all our indoor DALI products.
Our accessory module that is equipped with an Organic Response Technology light and motion multi-sensor, can be integrated in Light Shed 14 (img 1) and iN60 (img 2) luminaires to optimise their use of light according to real-life requirements. In general, all our indoor DALI products can be used with ORT technology, simply by adding standalone ORT multi-sensors (img 3) to the lighting system.

Light Shed 14

Product Details

  • Organic Response is a wireless lighting control system that uses multi-sensors with I.R., Bluetooth, Wirepas and DALI control technologies.
  • The multi-sensors that are ceiling-installed or integrated in the luminaires are equipped with motion and light detectors.
  • The system features a capillary distribution of multi-sensors, which allows energy to be used effectively according to the presence of people, thereby combining high energy savings with comfort for the occupants.
  • Organic Response can be fully Plug&Play, customised with apps or connected to the cloud and portal through a gateway.
  • The "OR Express" app is available for customizing system operation and adding a wireless pushbutton panel quickly and easily from a smartphone.
  • Thanks to the "Organic Response Portal” all the potential of a web-connected system can be exploited, including displaying Occupancy on a graphic map, viewing analytical sheets, constructing reports on the DALI emergency lighting system, and setting schedulers and HCL curves.
  • The beacons integrated in the multi-sensors can be activated from the portal and allow the system to be enabled for smart services, such as "push notifications" using the iGuzzini Jiminy platform.

Colours available for Organic Response

  • 01 White
  • 04 Black
  • 00 Indeterminate
  • 12 Aluminium

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