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A new work space for the Link Group

Founded in 2005, from a small section of an auditing company, Link Group has become, in just over 10 years, a market leader in high technology administration solutions with over 7,000 employees that work in 17 jurisdictions. Its client list now includes some of the largest pension funds in Australia.

During these ten years, the GSA Group architectural studio has built work spaces for Link Group, throughout Australia. Its latest project is located in George Street 680 in Sydney. This building has been the group’s headquarters for ten years and in 2017 it was refurbished to add an extension. This operation was carried out while continuing to use the building for normal work and without transferring any employees or interrupting any activities.

The spaces created give a grand idea of openness and light and are specifically designed to be versatile and to adapt to different visual tasks. The interior architecture is based, not on fixed desk areas, but on spaces where anyone can stop and work with a laptop and enjoy a formal or informal work environment. The general lighting is created mainly by Laser Blade System 53 and Laser Blade Wall Washer luminaires. The linear system is perfect because it continues into communal areas that have different uses and lighting needs. Some work areas feature small desks with low partition walls and cabinets that are lit with pendant IN30 luminaires. There are also several, more intimate meeting rooms in which the Laser Blade System 53 is combined with Reflex recessed luminaires. This allows the group’s employees to enjoy a relaxed, comfortable and totally contemporary environment thanks to a perfect combination of lighting, fittings and interior design layout.

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  • Year
  • Client
    Link Group
  • Architectural project:
    Group GSA
  • Lighting project:
    Norman Disney &Young
  • Photographer
    Marcus Clinton Photography