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CRS di Brembo

In the offices, recessed Optica units ensure an average 500 lux on horizontal surfaces, while creating no problems of glare or reflection on VDU screens. The fixtures used in the meeting rooms are fluorescent Cestello, providing both background and accent lights. Recessed Lineup fixtures functioning as wall washers are installed along the corridors, the light from these units combining with uplight provided by recessed Linealuce fixtures. The green space around the Brembo R&D Centre forms part of the overall design presented by Studio LAND (Landscape Architecture Nature Projects New Brembo Research and Development Centre Development) for the Science and Technology Park. The Park is illuminated by fixtures generating limited visual impact: recessed Ledplus for the walkways and iWay fixtures for roadways. The new Research and Development Centre of the Brembo company is the first building to be completed as part of the new architectural complex envisaged in Jean Nouvel’s Master Plan for the Kilometro Rosso Science & Technology Park. The Kilometro Rosso Science & Technology Park is located just outside the city of Bergamo, along the A4 Milan-Venice motorway.

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  • Year
  • Client
  • Architectural project:
    Jean Nouvel
  • Photographer
    Matteo Piazza
    Pietro Savorelli