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Frankfurt Central Station

One of the most spectacular lighting projects presented at LUMINALE 2014 was without doubt the Frankfurt central station main entrance facade. iGuzzini illuminazione and the Frankfurt-based engineer and designer, Christian Uitz, director of RAUMLABOR, have successfully worked together to create a dynamic, multi-coloured lighting scheme for this historic façade. “The main aim of this lighting project has been to create a sense of sculpture in these surfaces and structures by focusing the beams from the luminaires installed with immense precision and emphasizing contrasts and depth,” declared Christian Uitz. “Starting from this premise, we have insisted on highlighting architectural details, such as allegorical figures, towers and arches, as it is only through elements such as these that the observer can enjoy a truly global vision of the façade.” To achieve this vision we have used a total of 70 individual and linear floodlights with different beam angles and spot, flood and wall washer optics. We then added 3000K warm white and 6000K cold white flexible LED strips and RGB coloured LED lighting strips too. All the luminaires and lighting strips come from the iGuzzini portfolio. The lighting system, which is fitted with a DALI command, consists of a total of 97 individual addresses divided into 24 control units. This means that every single luminaire can be controlled individually. The intensity of the monochrome luminaires and the colours on the RGB luminaires can all be set, which means that various lighting scenarios can be obtained. During the LUMINALE event, in fact, the image was dynamic and highly coloured, whereas afterwards, a static, monochrome scenario has been selected for the permanent installation. Only high light yield (approx. 60 lm/W) LED luminaires have been used for this lighting project. Thanks to these high energy yield luminaires, the total installed power of the dynamic lighting scenario during LUMINALE was just an unregulated 2.7kW. And for the permanent installation image, after the event only 1.6kW will be required. In relation to the previous lighting project created with long distance (12kW) surface floodlight, the new system has achieved energy savings of approximately 80-85%!

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  • Year
  • Client
    DB Station&Service AG
  • Lighting project:
    Christian Uitz, Raumlabor
  • Photos:
    Gerhard Thomas Baier Fotografie