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Gold luminaires for format n10. A new experience in the world of food, drink and lounge

The n10 recently opened in Milan is Alessandro del Piero’s second restaurant. The new venue maintains the style of his first restaurant in Los Angeles while also emphasizing the historical importance of its location between Porta Nuova and “le Varesine”, one of the first railway stations in Milan.

The architecture, designed by Ambra Pirovano and Gabriella Motto, and the lighting system work together to recall and reconstruct a railway station atmosphere with tracks, compartments, a restaurant car and windows created using light lines and blades. This begins with the exteriors, where wall-mounted iPro luminaires with light blade optics project light lines on the walls, and Underscore InOut light lines emphasize the structure of the portico.

The interiors, on the other hand, recreate a Los Angeles format. On the ground floor there is an open-view kitchen with tables arranged around it. In this area, Underscore InOut lines run along the ceiling in two parallel lines reminiscent of train tracks.

Pendant lamps with a special gold finish are mounted above the tables to evoke a vintage atmosphere. Above the pendant mountings, 5-cell Laser Blade XS luminaires have also been recessed in the false ceiling to help create a basic lighting effect and make the large curved surfaces of the pendant mountings gleam. In the counter area, located near the open-view kitchen, Laser series surface-mounted luminaires, again with a special gold finish, have been installed. The bar area is located on the other side. This has a more lounge-style atmosphere with pendant Laser luminaires, with the same gold finish, arranged in a line above the bar and grouped in clusters of different heights in other parts of the room.

On the first floor, where the inclination of the roof limits the positioning of the luminaires, Low Voltage tracks have been mounted on the longer sides of the room where the tables are located. 2-cell Laser Blade XS luminaires have then been installed on the tracks, as well as Palco profiler projectors, which create the effect of train windows on the walls. On this floor there is also a Lounge room that can seat up to 10 people. Here, 3 pendant lamps have been installed to emphasize the area’s intimate and private atmosphere. In the basement, on the other hand, there is a large room that will be used for temporary events, like exhibitions, meetings and press conferences. This required a lighting solution that would be flexible and easy to operate. For this reason, Low Voltage tracks were chosen on which Laser Blade XS and Palco projectors have been mounted. In this case, at the specific request of the architect, a white finish has been used as being a basement, lighter colours are needed to make the space appear as bright as possible. This room is reached via a long corridor in which 180° Trick luminaires have been mounted to create portals of light that recall the gangway connections between train coaches.

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  • Year
  • Client
    N10 Italia S.r.l.
  • Architectural project:
    Ambra Pirovano, Gabriella Motto
  • Lighting project:
    Ambra Pirovano, Gabriella Motto
  • Photographer
    Riccardo Banfi