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La Darsena

The redevelopment of Milan’s Dockyard, La Darsena, is one of the permanent legacies of the Expo  Milan 2015 that has given the city back this historical and symbolic site. The project, developed by  architects Edoardo Guazzoni, Paolo Rizzatto, Sandro Rossi and Studio Bodin & Associés, included  restyling the ancient port and the area around it, with an investment of approximately 19 million  euros. The operation involved renovating the banks of the waterfront with new pedestrian areas  and a new dock for tourist boats, and redeveloping Piazza XXIV Maggio by pedestrianising part of  it and adding new park areas.

For the paths and square, iGuzzini supplied a Multiwoody system,  specially customized to meet the service company, A2A’s specifications, and recessed Balisage  luminaires have been installed along the harbour banks to indicate the edge, especially in footpath  areas. In the square, iPro floodlights have been used to produce direct lighting on the base and  façade of Luigi Cagnola’s neoclassical monument, the Porta Ticinese or Ticinese Gate.  New tree lined walks have been created on both sides of the dock, while on the western edge of  the basin a garden has been developed that leads down to the water’s edge. The park is lit with  iWay bollards fitted with special screens to meet A2A’s specifications and anti light pollution  standards. To encourage the public to use and explore the area a new pedestrian and cycle bridge  has been built between the north and south banks. This is reached via steps lit with special wall-recessed Comfort LED luminaires. The disabled access lifts, on the other hand, are lit with Woody  luminaires.

The former site of the city market has been demolished and replaced by a new  structure, built next to Viale D’Annunzio. This links the pedestrian areas along the harbour banks to Piazza XXIV Maggio, where a newly refurbished portion of the Corso del Ticinello road has also  been reopened and enhanced. The new market is lit with recessed iRound and Linealuce Mini  luminaires that create an attractive light scenario on the market’s lamellate structure on the side  overlooking the harbour bank. 

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  • Year
  • Client
    Milan municipal council, Lombardy regional council
  • Design
    Jean François Bodin
  • Architectural project:
    Edoardo Guazzoni, Sandro Rossi
  • Street furniture and lighting design:
    Paolo Rizzatto
  • Project management, market studies, diagnosis and structural design:
    D’Appolonia S.P.A.
  • General and special plants and systems:
    Manens Intertecnica S.R.L.
  • Photographer
    Paolo Carlini