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Rosenberg Shopping Centre

The Rosenberg complex features the combination of commercial and residential premises. The shopping centre has a pleasant appearance, flooded with light and built in a contemporary architectural style. Carefully selected elements in the lighting and colour, together with a shrewd choice of materials have created a warm, enjoyable atmosphere, despite the impressive dimensions. Particular importance was attributed to environmentally-friendly construction principles and to innovative methods, such as the recovery of dispersed heat. In this way, the new complex consumes substantially less energy than the old shopping centre, despite its larger size now.

The special architectural atmosphere is emphasised by lighting design which caters for the various requirements linked both to residential and commercial use, as well as the distinctive features of the outside lighting. In the entire shopping centre area, which has a maximum internal height of 15 metres, the Reflex Professional recessed luminaire was used, allowing the high lighting intensity needed, at the same time avoiding glare. This guarantees excellent visual comfort for customers and employees. In the nearby streets and the squares facing the structure, pole-mounted MaxiWoody luminaires are used which, thanks to their flexibility, provide an ideal lighting system for public spaces.

The outer structures such as balustrades, railings and handrails, which encircle the residential area, are lit by Walky model luminaires. Recessed wall luminaires produce warm accent lighting providing a harmonious background to the extremely simple design. 

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  • Year
  • Client
    Genossenschaft Migros Ostschweiz
  • Architectural design:
    atelier ww Architekten SIA AG
  • Lighting design:
    Reflexion AG
  • Photo:
    Günter Laznia
  • Photographer
    Günter Laznia