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The Baltic Sea Animal Rehabilitation Centre

The Baltic Sea Animal Rehabilitation Centre at Klaipeda in Lithuania cares for seals and other marine animals. The centre also hosts an educational and didactic exhibition entitled “I change - the sea changes."

The exhibition space is lit by base-mounted Le Perroquet floodlights with a white finish so they blend in with the museum’s colours and furnishings.

The general lighting of certain offices and transit corridors as well as the areas dedicated to animal rescue, are illuminated by ceiling-mounted Easy luminaires with general lighting optics. During the day, natural light floods in from the centre's large glass surfaces; and during the night, a similar effect is created by luminaires that provide diffuse, homogeneous lighting.

The outdoor area and the pathways around the building are lit by pole-mounted Twilight Joburg luminaires and iWay square bollards with super comfort optics that are located around the outdoor pool.

The wooden slats that run around the perimeter of the building, interrupting the continuity of the glazed surfaces, are lit from below by iPro floodlights with spot optics.

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  • Year
  • Client
    The Lithuanian Sea Museum
  • Architectural project:
    ARCHKO - Stanislovas Lukšas, Kristina Jurkutė
  • Lighting project:
  • Exhibition design :
    Dadada studio
  • Photographer
    Andrius Laucius