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The Cospea Village shopping centre

PAC 2000A is one of the seven cooperatives linked to Conad, the largest organisation of independent retailers in Italy. Founded in 1972, it has a sales network that today extends over most of Central and Southern Italy, from Umbria, right through Lazio and Campania, to Calabria. It has 881 members that every day carry forward the mission that brought them together forty years ago, i.e. the need to develop cooperation between store owners, to safeguard and increase the productivity of the associated companies, to constantly improve service quality and range and to meet customers’ needs. Built over 25 years ago, the Cospea Shopping Centre in Terni belongs to Pac 2000A.

In 2019, PAC 2000A decided to amplify and renovate the complex, and the project was entrusted to Studio Zaroli and Italprogetti, who took up the challenge of giving the existing structure a new shape and adding a new section.

This operation was divided into two stages. The first involved redesigning the existing shopping centre and updating the service lighting for the various outdoor areas with pole-mounted Crown and Ufo luminaires.

Inside the mall, the access walkways and the shopping centre’s main meeting area were also reorganised with a new shopping route lit by invisible luminaires - mainly Laser Blades - as well as emotional coloured lighting effects created by Linealuce RGB luminaires and customised 200 x 200 lanterns made from LED panels.

The second stage involved lighting the new centre that is linked to the old one by means of an urban tunnel.

This included highlighting and outlining the new entrances that were inspired by the gates in the old town. To achieve this, Multiwoody and iPro luminaires were installed as well as Linealuce RGBW devices to obtain coloured lighting effects.

The indoor shopping routes, on the other hand, were marked out by a wave-patterned ceiling highlighted by Underscore luminaires that create a horizontal dynamic. It was this desire to give the complex a fresh and dynamic style that pushed the studio to adopt solutions like light blades for decorating the vertical surfaces, Trick luminaires with radial light effects for lighting the geometrical coffered ceilings and white light Underscore luminaires for illuminating the ceilings featuring open and closed curved lines. The food court, on the other hand, has a distinctive ceiling with wooden beams arranged in a geometrical pattern that incorporates Palco tracks and projectors which define and enhance the area.

In general, then, the entire mall is characterised by a range of high quality architectural solutions that prevents visitors from being affected by that “lost in the supermarket” syndrome we all feel sometimes in shopping centres.

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  • Year
  • Client
    PAC 2000A Soc Coop
  • Architectural project:
    Studio Zaroli
  • Lighting project:
    Italprogetti - Moreno Dorillo
  • Photographer
    iGuzzini Archive