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The YMCA sports complex

Located on the corner of a main road and a residential street in a northern area of Montreal, Cartierville’s Y  Centre has the look of a gleaming pavilion through a screen of vegetation. The building is split into two  units, one with two and the other with three storeys, each blending in with the surrounding residential  districts to the north and south of the site. Thanks to the great transparency of the structures, both  towards the inside and the outside, the Y Centre confirms a real desire for openness with regard to its  community. It is this transparency that was the starting point in the development The YMCA sports  complex in Montréal Montréal, Canada Client YMCA Architect Daoust Lestage Lighting Designer Eclairage  Public - Gilles Arpin of the lighting design by Eclairage Public.

Gilles Arpin stated: “Our approach for general  lighting led us to use linear lights in all of the building’s communal areas to make the most of the size of the  structure and to achieve the desired light levels. We used iSign luminaires because of their special light  emission and their shape, which gives the place a playful touch. In communal areas and offices we used the  Libra pendant. Outside bollards guide users to the entrance, accentuated with a thin blade of light”. 


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  • Year
  • Client
  • Architectural project:
    Daoust Lestage
  • Lighting project:
    Eclairage Public - Gilles Arpin
  • Partners Assistance:
    iGuzzini Lighting North America
  • Photographer
    Marc Cramer