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Tibidabo Welcome Square & HQ

Tibidabo Welcome Square is the new space that serves as an introduction to the key elements and philosophy behind Barcelona's fun park and the park itself, as well as providing visitors of all ages with a fantastic view over the city.

There is a playful atmosphere about this area and it has a feature vertical garden façade on the building housing not only the admin. offices, but also one of the largest "insect hotels" in Barcelona, offering refuge and food to numerous animal species and making its mark on the environmental challenges facing the city. Daisy-shaped umbrellas, again designed by MiAS Architects, also highlight the square's playfulness. When darkness falls, the artificial lighting in this space replicates the playfulness which can be appreciated during the day; the bright effects create plays of light and shadows. Stretches of Underscore InOut create a bright outline on the stairs and highlight the flowerbeds in the green area along their entire curved stretch. The effects of different optics created by MaxiWoody projectors overlap to light up the paving and guarantee safety, but also to liven up the expanse of the square with a well-defined spot effect. The Earth and Orbit version Light Ups are installed at the bottom of the vertical garden and create shadows which geometrically intersect with a graphic texture that diversifies according to the layout of the different plants.

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  • Year
  • Client
    Barcelona City Council
    BSM- Barcelona Serveis Municipals
  • Architectural project:
    MIAS Architects - Josep Miàs
  • Photographer
    Gael del Rio