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for people

We want a light that can illuminate the smiles of people whom we meet on the street, creating and spreading happiness.

We want a light that guides our children’s way back home, in the dark winter evenings.

We want a light that warms the family evenings spent at the park, leaving behind a trail of games and laughter.

We want a light that creates life in our city, giving new hues to its dark forgotten corners.

We want a light that reveals and incites us to rediscover the hidden treasures of our history and culture, illuminating the monuments and buildings that speak about our past.

We want a light that gives shape to the buildings, the initiatives, and the dreams of architects and designers.

We want a light that marks the beginning and the end of the streets in our city.

Adolfo Guzzini, President Emeritus

operational offices around the world
production centres
million € in revenues in 2020
million € invested every year
in digital transformation
% of sales in Italy
% of sales in the rest of the world