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Palco ø 122 mm

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numerous control options

Palco is an iconic spotlight for professional illumination, with its smooth, essential design and outstanding performance. In the 122 mm diameter version, Palco offers numerous control options. As well as the main on/off versions with on-board potentiometer or DALI, Bluetooth versions are available with WiSilica technology, that can be managed with a Smart Light Control app from the Quick BLE system, or Bluetooth versions with Casambi technology that can be controlled with relative app.

Both Bluetooth versions integrate useful beacons to enable Smart services, with which text information (push notification) or videos can be sent to the visitor's smartphone, to enhance the visiting experience with content, or guide the visitor along the route with the indoor navigation-wayfinding function. The Wisilica beacon can be activated and programmed directly from the Smart Light Control app and can be configured with the Eddystone, iBeacon or Altbeacon protocol, while Casambi, again using the relative app, only with the iBeacon protocol. The Wisilica system is programmed for interoperability.

Excellent chromatic performance >97. Perfect for museums, hospitality&living, and retail.

Lighting Effects

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Product Details

  • Installation on three-phase track and on a ceiling-mounted base.
  • Made of die-cast aluminium and thermoplastic material.
  • Opti Beam interchanging reflectors with high luminous efficiency and uniform distribution.
  • LED versions with high color rendering index.
  • High visual comfort.
  • Inclination of 90° on horizontal plane and 360° rotation around the vertical axis, with mechanical aiming lock.
  • Passive heat dissipation.
  • Dimmable versions with potentiometer or DALI.
  • WiSilica Bluetooth versions.
  • Casambi Bluetooth versions.

Colours available for Palco ø 122 mm

  • 01 White
  • 04 Black

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