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Palco framer ø 115 mm

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Lighting Effects

Application imagery for Palco framer ø 115 mm

Product Details

  • Installation on three-phase track.
  • Made of die-cast aluminium.
  • Inclination of +10° - 90° on horizontal plane and 360° rotation around the vertical axis, with mechanical aiming lock.
  • Profiler has a ø 30 - ø 40 mm metal gobo and metal flaps for shaping and adjusting the shape of the light beam.
  • All aiming, focusing and routine maintenance operations can be carried out without using tools.
  • Possibility of ordering as accessories a set of diaphragms for the emission of circular light beams, measuring 8 mm and 40 mm, colored filters, customized gobo made of chemically or microlaser cut metal and 24x36 mm slides.

Colours available for Palco framer ø 115 mm

  • 01 White
  • 04 Black

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